• Knowing Your Loveliness is an Act of Self Love

  • Hi Lovely!
    It’s true. You're lovely. You're divine. No one else in the world possesses the mix of qualities and gifts you possess, and no one expresses them in the exact manner you do.
    So what makes you uniquely you? Have you ever written down 25-30 of your qualities and gifts? I challenge you to do so. If you've completed a list in the past, maybe it's in need of a refresh.
  • Owning your loveliness boosts all areas of your life

    This knowledge is extremely helpful.
    Reminding yourself that you're lovely sparks feelings of confidence, love and courage. Those are just a few of the great feelings accessible to you.
    When you feel confident, loved and courageous, you act accordingly. You’re more likely to ask for what you want. You're less afraid to pursue your goals. You accept only good, kind behavior at work and in your relationships.
    For some, writing a list of your 25-30 qualities and gifts can be an easy task. For most, it's a challenge. 

    Uncomfortable thoughts creep up:
    • “I can’t really write great things about myself. It’s narcissistic.”
    • “What if someone reads this list. Wouldn’t they think I'm too high on myself?”
    • “I need to keep my ego in check. If I really acknowledge all of these great qualities and gifts, others may no longer like me.”
    • “I might be able to come up with a few things, but I certainly can’t come up with 25-30!”
    Those thoughts are the very reason many of us are afraid to tap into our inner goddesses and acknowledge our true, amazing selves.
    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
    - Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love
  • You're so worthy of what you want.

    Is it possible that your friends and loved ones already know your 25-30 qualities and gifts? Writing them down doesn’t change the fact that you possess them.
    By allowing yourself to play small, you're limiting others from experiencing your gifts. You're also denying yourself of joy and love.
    What if you acknowledged each and every word on your list? What if you truly owned those words and thought deliberately about each of them?
    Imagine the boost of energy you would feel, the gallant actions you could take, and the audacious things you could accomplish.
    Now, go write that list. Oh, and I challenge you to reach beyond 25 on your list. There are WAY more than 25 reasons why you're so lovely!
    I want to hear from you: Please share a line or two from your list in the comments below. It will inspire others.
    Much love, 
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