• Private Coaching

      An experienced coach and mentor, Jennifer works with leaders and emerging leaders with a focus on business and leadership coaching. All insights, tools and carefully crafted plans are personalized to help you get what you want.
      Example coaching topics include: 
      - Get the raise, promotion, position and clients you desire
      - Lead and communicate with power, confidence and influence
      - Ace the first 90 days to 6 months in your new position
      - Expand and elevate professional and personal relationships
      - Adopt high-performance habits to achieve and exceed your goals
      - Enhance your negotiation skills to create beneficial outcomes
      You’ll receive my undivided attention, unlimited support, and customized training and guidance. Private coaching takes place virtually via video/phone or in-person.
    • VIP Intensives

      Need a day, half-day or short-term series to dive deep and get things done? My VIP Intensives help you solve one major issue or concern thoroughly.
      Whether you’re preparing for a job change, dealing with a conflict or you want to outline a success plan for the next 6 to 12 months, we’ll tackle your most pressing needs and accelerate your path to success, confidence and ease.
      During your VIP Intensive, you’ll receive:
      - A customized plan to achieve your goal(s) that is aligned with how you work best.
      - Personalized training as needed.
      - Follow-up support to answer questions and keep your momentum going.
      - Tips for adopting high performance habits and maintaining a success mindset.
      VIP Intensives take place virtually via video or in-person. 
    • Consulting

      Jennifer works with companies and nonprofits on leadership, strategy, sales, relationship development and performance changes.
      Organizations and their leaders are guided to reach their highest potential by:
      - Building positive, impactful relationships within the organization and with prospective clients, donors and investors.
      - Achieving a high performance culture and mindset.
      - Gaining clarity on strategic direction and processes for successful implementation.
    • Speaking

      Jennifer speaks on numerous topics including leadership, performance, career success, female empowerment and relationships. All talks and workshops can be customized for your needs based on the audience, length and level of desired interaction.