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      There's nothing sweeter than when a woman gets what she wants and needs. 
      Whether you're obtaining financial freedom, receiving recognition for all of your hard work or creating a significant impact on the world, you deserve to achieve your dreams.
      My passion is helping ambitious, female leaders and business owners get what they want and need - professionally and personally. 
      I believe women belong in all levels of leadership and deserve to lead lives full of joy, love and meaning. I also believe you can pursue what you want without sacrificing peace of mind, relationships or settling for less.
      I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to connecting with you!
    • Tapping Into Your Brilliance With a Holistic Approach

    • You have a wise inner voice (your inner luminary) that provides guidance and direction all of the time. My expertise lies in helping you uncover and act upon your wisdom, as well as help you overcome obstacles that can get in your way.
      Because you're a multi-faceted woman, the exercises and tools I share are designed to help you both professionally and personally. My clients find it a great benefit when they not only elevate their businesses and careers, but they also see a boost in their personal lives.
      You can read more about my services and offerings on my Services page.
    • Your Personal Ally and Guide

    • In addition to my coaching expertise, I draw from experiences, insights and education spanning across a 20+ year career where I honed my leadership and relationship skills in the fields of management & IT consulting, sales & marketing, financial services and non-profit fundraising. 
      I've held leadership positions for large institutions like Accenture, Bank of America, and the American Heart Association, as well as boutique management consulting firms. I've built executive masterminds for Fortune 500 leaders, led a thriving mentor program for 180 professionals, raised millions for charitable causes and mentored women for over a decade.
      My greatest joy is creating meaningful relationships with family, friends and clients - in addition to helping determined women meet and exceed their goals. If you'd like to know more about how the tools I share with my clients have helped me professionally and personally, read my story here.
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      Jennifer Spaulding
      Jennifer Spaulding is a leadership coach whose insights and guidance help female corporate leaders and business owners boost their influence, make more money and deepen relationships.
      Her passion for serving ambitious women was ignited over 20 years ago as she began to navigate the corporate ladder. Jennifer honed her leadership and relationship-building skills working for top institutions in the fields of management & IT consulting, sales & marketing, financial services and non-profit. She built executive forums for Fortune 500 leaders, managed an industry-leading mentor program for three years, raised millions for charitable causes and has mentored women for over ten years. 
      Redbook Magazine, The Huffington Post, Everyday Health, Elite Daily, numerous podcasts and the book, Women Who Work, Love, Pray, have highlighted Jennifer’s expertise.
      Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Trinity University and a graduate certificate from Southern Methodist University. She continues to expand her knowledge and training in addition to the three coaching certifications she has earned. Her free time is spent exploring Austin’s restaurants and hiking trails with her music-loving husband, Evan, and her sweet fur-baby, Max.
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