• Elevating Leadership to Elevate Your Results

      Focusing on the right strategies to create team cohesion, collaboration and effectiveness not only elevates your impact as a leader, but also improves your organization's culture and bottom line. This and more is what I help my clients achieve.
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    • Accelerate Your Success

      Get the edge with personalized coaching.


    • Prepare Your Team

      Get the skills with team trainings & workshops.


    • Transform Your Culture

      Get the results with consulting services.


    • "20% GROWTH RATE"

      “My company had a 20% growth rate since working with Jennifer. I’ve cut down my hours from 100 to 60 hours a week. She taught me how stand up for myself, how to deal with difficult people and establish clear rules of engagement.” P. Kirby, CEO, Austin Trail Running Company


      “I hope you can come back for another presentation. When you do, I will drag every person I know into it if I have to! It was a wonderful experience that I want others to have.” Fintech Workshop Attendee, IHS Markit, Raleigh, NC